In 2018, Jeremy Blumberg founded Blumberg Digital with a simple vision: to bring industry-leading digital marketing to privately owned dental practices in an attainable, cost-effective way.

Jeremy is an expert in Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Customer Experience (CX) who, prior to starting Blumberg Digital, built a company with an eight-figure annual revenue in a highly competitive space in just three years.

Due in part to his tight connection with principals at MGE, Jeremy became more and more aware of a serious need from dental practices for solutions to their digital marketing needs and new patient growth demands so as to become less dependent on insurance-based patient flow. Small businesses, such as dental offices, are often priced out of the top-tier marketing guidance they need to effectively grow their businesses, and are resultantly stuck with (or have been burned in the past by) ineffective or disingenuous marketing offerings.

The focus of Blumberg Digital is to get clients winning with their digital marketing, growing their income, and improving their new patient acquisition with the type of patients they want more of in their practices. Blumberg Digital partners with top-tier marketing companies that are generally unaffordable or are out of reach of small private practices. In short, Blumberg Digital brings high-level business marketing, tactics and efficiency to private dental practices in an affordable manner.

The Blumberg Digital team includes top-tier marketing leadership, attentive account management, careful and strategic implementation, and expert quality control — all of which play integral roles in generating real results for dental professionals. We pride ourselves in our continual transparency, responsiveness, customer service, genuine care and results.

Our team looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership with you.

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