Virtual Technical Assistant

Annie Hasija

Annie Hasija

Role at Blumberg Digital: Virtual Technical Assistant

The first job I ever had: Just exiting student life and entering into work life was eye-opening for me. I dived Into the work of Call Center, wherein I got exposed to a kind-hearted boss and the will to go along with it.

My favorite food: I love Indian food – Masala Dosa & Sambar.

Top three favorite things I liked to do on my time off: I like to spend my time with my kid by actively playing with him in indoor games. Love to spend time in Hill-Station – One to two nights’ stay really brings energy back. Read any books & gain new knowledge.

A cause I’m passionate about: I’m passionate to help those who need money, I love to guide youth to choose a right career for them, by giving them true guidance.

A surprising thing people don’t know about me: Skilled in designing and managing WordPress websites and making automated Excel Sheets.