Production Officer

Avgustina Mazhevska


Role at Blumberg Digital: Production officer

The first job I ever had: Was modeling for a few years but I didn’t like it, so I transitioned into more human-involving jobs :))

My favorite food: My grandma’s Sarma (stuffed cabbage leaves) – I always enjoy it whenever I am home!

Top three favorite things I liked to do on my time off: Reading freak here! True-story movies! And spending time with my husband and 2 cats 🙂

A cause I’m passionate about: Work smarter not harder! Use your mind to grow and evolve in your job and manage your work-life balance!

A surprising thing people don’t know about me: I am actually an introvert disguised as an extrovert 🙂 I would rather stay home by the fireplace than travel BUT I still do travel around almost every weekend and I am very ongoing with people.

Avgustina Mazhevska

Avgustina Mazhevska