Chief Operating Officer

Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Dan’s role at Blumberg Digital is the Chief Operating Officer, in charge of overseeing operations to ensure Blumberg Digital clients get the results they hope for.

Dan constantly researches new avenues in marketing to stay at the front of the pack.  There are lots of choices in dental marketing, and unfortunately there are many out there who don’t know current and best practices.  Dan co-founded the company with Jeremy Blumberg to bring real solutions to clients who have “burned fingers” and to put an end to those bad experiences.

Dan assists business owners of small to medium organizations of all kinds and has done so throughout the world for the last 32 years. Dan works with dental professionals in his role with MGE Management Experts, the premier dental consulting company located in St. Petersburg, Florida where he specializes in training these professionals in marketing, treatment acceptance and management of private practices. Dan also is a partner in Blumberg Digital four other companies – all of which assist business owners in sales, marketing, leadership, organization and general management. Dan is passionate about helping people who help others.

Dan has been married to his wife, Melissa, for 30 years now and their son, Boston, is 14 years old.


Role at Blumberg Digital: Chief Operating Officer

The first job I ever had: Valet parking when I was 16 years old.  Started my own Valet Parking service when I was 17.

My favorite food:  My Italian wife’s pasta.  Yummmmm!

Top three favorite things I liked to do on my time off: 

  1. Spend time with my wife and my son doing literally ANYTHING as long as it is with them.
  2. Riding off-road motorcycles far beyond my skill level
  3. Learning about marketing and business trends (I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur)

A cause I’m passionate about: I like empowering people.  I feel this thing called life is quite challenging and complex, and when we are down it affects our family and our friends.  I like bringing people tools to live life better, and “teaching them to fish” rather than “feeding them a fish”.

 A surprising thing people don’t know about me: I play the keyboard, saxophone and drums and am self-taught (I don’t read music – I just play by ear)

Dan Brown with his wife Melissa and Boston

Dan Brown with his wife Melissa and son Boston