Your Dormant Patients

Instant, Efficient Reactivation Communications

Your dormant client list can be a marketing goldmine. But if you aren’t smart about the way you deploy reactivation communications, you risk burning out your list or causing them to unsubscribe from your messages forever. At Blumberg Digital, we take a different approach. Our HIPAA compliant software and targeted Digital Reactivation campaigns help you keep in touch with desired reactivation patients via text message, using refined, effective messaging that simply produces appointments.

A Proven Process

Our Approach to Patient Reactivation

At Blumberg Digital, we’ve tested different types of reactivation messaging and an array of approaches over time—and we’ve used the information gathered from these past campaigns to build a solid, data-driven foundation for our program. While we still customize messages to suit the needs of your unique practice, working from the data-backed best practices we’ve uncovered helps us to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes for you to start seeing results.

Additionally, our software automatically responds to reactivated patients who show interest in setting up an appointment with your practice. Our automated responses move patients closer to booking, giving your staff a head start on filling the schedule. Even better, because our platform stands outside of your dental software and two-way texting platform, your patients’ information is encrypted and kept safe according to HIPAA standards.

The Right Choice

Reactivation Campaigns vs. Bulk Texting Platforms

If your practice is already using a two-way texting service like WEAVE, Solution Reach, or Lighthouse360, you may be wondering what a reactivation campaign has to offer above and beyond these platforms.

There are three things you need to know:

  1. Compared to Blumberg Digital’s capabilities, these platforms aren’t as efficient. That means the time and effort required to send the same messaging through them adds an administrative burden to your staff.
  2. If patients unsubscribe from your two-way texting platform, you won’t be able to contact them again (even to confirm them with scheduling reminders). Think carefully about the impact losing the ability to connect with a patient by text message could have!
  3. The highly trained Digital Reactivation Team at Blumberg Digital actively monitors your campaigns on a daily basis to ensure that no appointment-setting opportunities are missed. No other platform delivers such a high-touch, time-saving solution.

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